Ode à Canada

Concert à Porche with Bundle & Go

The selections in this video album are from a one-hour performance at the home of Laura MacKenzie and Gary Rue on August 29, 2021 in St. Paul, Minnesota, one of a series of Sunday evening neighborhood porch concerts which they hosted during the pandemic summers of 2020 and 2021.  Many thanks to Gary and Laura for providing a safe and pleasant venue for music!

We chose a Canadian theme for this concert because we badly missed Canada and our friends there due to the pandemic.  It also was an opportunity to celebrate Canada's re-opening of the border a few weeks earlier.

We offer these selections as a mere soupçon of an incredibly rich and diverse set of musical traditions and regional styles in the hope that viewers may be inspired to explore further (suggestions are included in the notes that follow).  Here we share just a few of our favorite traditional (and a few recently composed) tunes and songs from the Maritime provinces, Newfoundland, Québec, and Manitoba as our petit ode à Canada.

Note that this was an outdoor concert and subject to occasional interruptions from airplanes, autos, wind and birds.  On the other hand, our first attempt at this concert was rained out so we were quite grateful to be able to perform on one of those golden late summer evenings that make Minnesota winters worth enduring!

Above, from left to right, the flags of Canada, Québec, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Acadia, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Newfoundland, the Métis Nation, and Canada

Les Tounes

Métis Jigs
Polly Moore / Trous d’Bas
Québec Reels
Québec Waltzes
Turlutte et Caribou
Acadian Tunes
Larade / Barbier Set