La Turlutte à Antonio Bazinet

A turlutte is a kind of lilting that is popular in Québéc, sometimes accompanied by the uniquely Québécois practice of double foot-tapping (“podorhythmie”).  Antonio Bazinet was a farmer who lived near the Laurentian Mountains.  He sang and fiddled this tune at a folk festival in Montreal, where it became a hit the following year at the 1975 Veillée des Veillées.  We learned it from Les Têtes de Violon’s wonderfully crooked Airs Tordus CD.

Antonio Bazinet
Antonio Bazinet

Caribou Reel

Caribou Reel is from the great Manitoba fiddler Andy DeJarlis (1914-1957) and became a contradance classic with the parts reversed and extra syncopation, which is how we learned it. Here we reprise Andy’s wonderful original.

Andy DeJarlis (born Desjarlais) was Métis. He wrote some 200 tunes and made nearly 40 records.

Andy DeJarlis Red River Mates
Photo from Joseph Mackintosh, Andy De Jarlis: The Life and Music of an Old-Time Fiddler (Great Plains Publications, 2010).