Dave’s Songs

I wrote a few songs here and there before You Know Who became You Know What of the formerly united states. Those will appear on this page in due course. But the Great Pandemic somehow stimulated the Parodic Lobe of my brain with the results humbly presented here. (Plus, I started working with the amazing Mr. Gary Rue on songwriting.)

If you want recommendations, try “Please, Please Mr. Postman” (which was my biggest Facebook hit, if 2,000+ views can be considered a hit). And check out my most recent ditty (topical but non-parodic): “How Could Anything Go Wrong?”, which takes “going wrong” to cosmic extremes.

Let me know if you like anything here or if you’re hot to sign me to a Major Label: [email protected].

Please, Please Mr. Postman
Don’t Fear the Tweeter
How Could Anything Go Wrong by David Rhees
How Could Anything Go Wrong?